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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Blog Workshop 2013....How to Attend.....want to be a bloggerpreneur?!?!

There are those who blog for the fun of it just to jot down their thoughts. Then you have those who blog for an income. A lot of people do not realize that you can blog for money. The blog and vlog industry have been growing and constantly changing with new ideas and tools. There is a way to monetize your blog or vlog and in order for you to make an income doing it, you really need to educate yourself and what is all out there for you to thrive with blogging. Did you know that you can blog and have affiliate links with different companies? Did you realize that big major companies are always looking for bloggers to advertise on their site?

In 61 days (May 17th -19th), an exciting 3 day ONLINE Blogging conference will be taking place. The exciting thing is that is is "online". You can log in and watch it anywhere! Most blogging conference cost a lot of money to attend plus you have the cost of travel expense with food, gas, and room!
With the online conference you will have a 3 day, low cost, convenient way to learn about blogging and all of its possibilities! Plus the benefit of attending in your PJ's!!! {If you desire to!} The Blog Workshop will be having great speakers from IZEA, Blog-Trends, The Blog Frog, Blogads, and many more. At the Workshop, they will teach you all about monetizing your blog or vlog. How to prepare yourself for advertising with companies and sponsors. They will also tell you how to handle media requests and how to build relationships with media. Lastly, they will teach you the difference between advertising vs. affiliate marketing. Here is the full agenda for the 3 day conference. I'm also excited to announce that they are offering grants and scholarships for bloggers to apply for. If you would like to go, and need assistance, just click on one of the links and feel out the application.

For $175 you will receive: 3 day blog workshop of 6 sessions of speakers, resources, giveaways, and t-shirt. 10% of the admissions sales will benefit 3 different charities: Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, Wellspring Living, and Suicide Prevention.  They are currently offering discounts to college students and educators. Also, don't forget to apply for one of the grants or scholarships! If you are the least bit curious on how to take your blogging to the next step - then you will want to take advantage of this awesome online conference. I am so excited to be apart of it and to learn how to be a bloggerpreneur! Hurry, Register TODAY!! 

Click Here for savings code to attend the workshop!


-Gracefully Refreshed