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My Story

I am a mom of 2 beautiful children. I am married to my one true love, who I adore. I am born and raised from the south - I love my southern roots and SEC football. I adore the southern charm and love the southern style. ( I may or may not be addicted to monogramming things!) Living in the big, booming city of Atlanta, GA is awesome. I am blessed to always have shopping near by. I am a self-confessed shopaholic and I am addicted to Sweet Tea (especially from McD's!) I love to write about life and the up's and down's that life brings and I love to document important events. I started blogging for a couple of reasons. First, I do it for me. I love to write. It helps me get my thoughts together, relieve stress, and is a passion of mine.. Second, I thought it would be a neat way for my friends and family members to stay connected with me. Lastly, I do it for others. My hope and desire is for others to read my blog leaving inspired, encouraged, relaxed, and REFRESHED. Life can be great but life can also throw some hard curves our way. Throughout my marriage, we have experienced some big and small curves that life as thrown at us. I do not believe that we have life experiences just for our own learning. I believe God's desire is for us to offer help, encouragement, and support towards others when they experience some of the same curves. When we find someone we can connect with, who has experienced some of the same trials of life -  it offers HOPE. Hope that we can make it. Hope that it will get better. Hope that in the end - we will be stronger.

When some one reads my blog they will see a glimpse of my passions.Thank you for stopping by and reading my page - I hope you will be back again soon! Here, on my blog, I want you to feel at home, to read truth, to leave feeling - Gracefully Re-Freshed!

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