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Friday, April 5, 2013

"The more you read, the more things you will know.” - Dr. Seuss

I am excited to participate this week in Kelly's Korner Blog SUYL subject: Your Favorite Children's Books.  Welcome all of the Kelly's Korner readers. I hope you enjoy Gracefully Refreshed and will stop by again. You can grab my button or sign up for my RSS Feed. You can also find Gracefully Refreshed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If there is something here you like - don't forget to Pin It and Share It with others!!

I love good children's books. When I taught Pre-K, I was always searching for great books for my classroom. All time favorite are the Dr. Seuss Books - who doesn't love Dr's Seuss Books, right? I love his fun stories of rhymes, his funny pictures, and his poetic quotes to live by. I found a few others that I love as of my favorites for the classroom was Hermie: The Common Caterpillar! I loved the beautiful pictures - so bright and vibrant. The story line teaches children that God has a special plan for them!

 The Kissing Hand and I Love You Forever are a few more of my favorites. These books teach children about a mothers love and how she will always be there for them!

I enjoy reading good books to my children that teach them valuable lessons.

My most favorite book of all times to read to my own children is The Princess and the Kiss. Within the story of a beautiful princess it entwines the valuable lesson of keeping your purity. I believe you can never start too young in teaching them about sexual purity in this sex-crazed world we live in. The Princess and the Kiss  keeps the subject age appropriate and it has a great story line to follow. Even though it is mainly about the Princess it is a great read as well for your sons. Throughout the story is teaches of suitors that were not good-enough for the Princess' Kiss. In teaches boys about being a humbled, gentlemen that saves his purity as well. My children love this book and we read it often. I pray that I will read it enough so the moral of the lesson goes down, deep into their hearts. Guarding one's sexual purity is so precious and valuable. It is a rare jewel these days that people possess on their wedding day. A precious jewel that should be guarded with one's life until the day you say, "I DO!".

Proverbs 7:3, "Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart."