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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teen Years....or are they???

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Although I may not have a teenager yet - sometimes I feel as if I do. I am amazed at how early the girly characteristics kick in. Sometimes the little girl that lives with me - seems to be 16 already. Some weeks we have ups and downs of emotional roller coaster rides. She already loves to accessorize.  She worries with how she looks - she has used the phrase "I look tacky!" as early as 3 years old - and she always used that phrase correctly! The one thing that really blew me away is when she walked into my room and said, "Momma, I can not wear this because it makes me look fat!!!" Yes, I couldn't believe that my little girl was already aware and concerned with her physical looks. All of these social and personal characteristics start so young. But, I believe no matter the age of the child you may have in your household the rules are the still the same - we must allow God to be our help and guide.

Parenting is hard at any milestone and we all need the same - God's guidance and help. There are many days that I just have had enough of the emotions and the disobedience that I feel I am about to explode. During those times, I have to take a minute away and just pray for strength and patience. Our heavenly Father knows we are weak sometimes and that is why He tells us to lay our burdens on Him. I pray every day for my children to be protected and that they will love Jesus with all of their heart and be used of Him. That prayer is ageless. It fits into every walk of life - at any age.

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Since I became a parent I have learned God is a much better parent then I am. I place my children in His hands every day. I try to do my part in teaching and training them up in the Lord and giving them the tools they need throughout life; but when everything is done and said, God is ultimately the one who can guide them and protect them far better then me. Sometimes it is hard to let go; but the more I pray and the closer I walk with Him, the more my faith, my strength, my endurance, and my hope grows.

Dear Parent, all those burden, worries, concerns and fears you have for your children - just give them to Christ. He can handle it -Trust Him!