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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinterest = Happiness!

I love Pinterest. I love the Crafts, the DIY projects, the decor ideas, photography ideas, and the FOOD...I LOVE the Recipes!!! I have already tried a few of the recipes that I have pinned and for the most part, I have had enjoyable outcomes from Pinterest. Here are few of my favorites!

I am going to condense all of my Pinterest Favorites and this is very it goes......

All-Time Pinterest Favorite: This is my Families favorite by far...the home-made Granola bar. These babies are DELICIOUS and they are packed with Protein. They are great for a little "pick-me-up" snack. They are so good that my children eat them up, needless to say, I make these weekly! Home Made Granola Bars

Second Favorite Pinterest is the Holiday Photo Ideas. Photo 1; Photo 2; Photo 3

Third Pinterest Favorite - Cloud Dough - I made this for a summer outdoors birthday party. This was one of the stations to play in. The kids loved and it is simple and inexpensive to make: Cloud Dough

Fourth Pinterest Favorite - Adhesive Tile for the Pantry Shelves; it is easy, cheap, and it makes the pantry look nice!

Self stick tiles on wire shelving!

More to Come:

Upcoming Pinterest Idea that I am going to attempt: DIY Raised Garden Beds
How to Make a $10 Raised Garden Bed Tutorial

Reading Bins for the Play Room: Bins

great library idea

Yes....I am a little addicted to Pinterest!