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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Camera HaPpY!!!!

I'm linking-up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life Weekend. Here are my pictures of brother and sister love!

 I love fooling around with a camera.  I use to help my cousin take photos {who is a professional photographer} and it kind of sparked my interest to take my own photos after I had children of my own. I am not that great at it; but, I figure, if I keep trying and studying Pinterest; then pretty soon, I'm destined to become a natural, right?! Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my photo projects. I will not lie - I am hardly an original type of gal. I am a big ole copy cat! Mostly all of my photo ideas came from Pinterest! I usually get an idea from Pinterest then try to incorporate my own personality with it. I used a Canon Rebel for all of these pictures and I use Picasa Photoshop for editing (which I am growing to love). The models are my beautiful and pretty photogenic family! {Yes, I am a little bias!}

These photos I was attempting to do a Valentine Theme:

I did these for a Christmas Card look plus I was playing around with doing night shots (it ended up being one of my favorite photos). I added the text through Picasa.

I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was adorable.

I also love doing outdoor shots. Outside shots always turn out so pretty. Now these were an original idea. While we were out and about we spotted an old bridge and it just looked like a good place to take a photo! :)

Then sometimes I love how a good, ole' iPhone snap shot can turn out so good. I am in love with Instagram because it allows you to edit your photos on your phone!

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Have a wonderful weekend and remember to "snap" the memories!