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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Things Technology is stealing......

I was thinking the other is wonderful! I mean all of the technology that we get to play with every day is mind boggling. I can talk to someone across the world on my phone, while I text somebody else in the next town, and update my status on Facebook all while I grocery shop! Now that is multitasking!! I am starting to realize that while technology is great - it can also be a thief! It can rob us of some very important things. So, here is my list of some important things it can rob from us.

#1. Our heritage - After my grandmother passed away a few years ago, some of her children and grandchildren got to keep her Bibles. In her Bibles, were notes that she had jotted down beside different verses. When a person is no longer with you, seeing their handwritten thoughts are comforting. It brings a bond that keeps you connected. I have noticed that the new trend in society is to bring your tablet or smart phone and use a Bible app at church. While that might be handy, and maybe even easier, we are missing out on opportunities to leave behind a legacy. I can not begin to count, how many times I have highlighted verses and jotted down different thoughts through out my Bible while sitting in church, or even during my private devotion time. Those are the things that I know my children and family will cherish after I am gone. You cannot leave that on a tablet or a smartphone. A typed thought just does not mean the same as a hand-written one.

#2. The art of writing - I can remember in school {during the times I would be bored} I would just practice writing. I loved to just write and practice different techniques and styles. Sometimes it is just relaxing to WRITE! I still love to write down a to-do list. I love to write out notes. I still love to write down reminders. I still love to write out my thoughts. {SMILES} I am afraid our society will loose the joy of a pen and paper. I know there are times that we should take advantage of our smartphones/tablets; and I do enjoy the convenience of jotting down a note in my phone. Sometimes, though, we should just pull out an old fashion pen and paper and enjoy writing!

#3. Our thought life - Most of the time God likes to speak to us during the quietest times. When we are driving, getting ready, or laying down for bed. Since our phone is so accessible these days, it also means we are more prone for interruptions. I like to listen to music or preaching on my phone. Now that is is so accessible, I can be like a little teenager with ear buds always in my ears. {SMILES} While I might be listening to helpful things or even Biblical teaching, it still can not replace the voice of the Lord. How often do we miss hearing the voice of God because we drown His voice out by the noise of technology?

#4. It can steal our time - I know most of y'all knew that this one was coming, right? Yes, we all know that it can be a time vacuum, but do we really understand the things it is stealing? I really enjoy homeschooling my children. During those few hours of the day, I am phone and technology free (unless I have to look something up for school at the last minute, and even then, I keep it to a bare minimum.) I love that my children are getting all of my attention for those few hours each day. I enjoy playing with them; but even then, I find myself getting distracted and wondering off to answer a call or to check my Facebook. I notice that now my children are getting addicted to my phone as well - I think it has something to do with the "Monkey see, Monkey do" syndrome.  Having my children young is going to be just a vapor. It will go by so quickly. I am always worried about looking back and seeing the things I missed. I try so hard to not miss anything; but I so often fail, allowing technology to suck my attention away. I am trying harder these days to consciously take time out to play and engage with my children. Some days I am a friendly neighbor, or a customer in a hair salon, or giving out horseback rides. I have often been a waitress and a cook, or even a sister or a pet dog. I have been an engineer that built big Lego buildings, or an artist who colors beautiful pictures. My favorite  though, is being the tickle monster, or the super hero chasing them around the house. I love cuddling together with a good book, and I love the little conversations we have throughout the day. I love being the congregation that shouts "Amen" as they preach/sing to me. I cherish the hugs and kisses they run up to give me "just because".  No Facebook status, no twitter update, no text message can match that!

I am not against technology. Truth be told, I am G.U.I.L.T.Y!  I just know that with a great gift comes an even greater responsibility. Every good thing needs a healthy balance! Chocolate is good but too much is unhealthy. Sleep is good but too much is unhealthy. Technology is good but too much is unhealthy. Balance in everything keeps everything in perspective!