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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Add Some Salt!

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This is just a thought I had on my mind today. May we all be a little more salty today.

Today's Scripture:
Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
Matthew 5:13

Today's Thought:
I love to cook but I instantly know when I have forgotten to add salt into a recipe. The salt enhances the flavor, when it is left out. BLAH, it is so bland! Our bodies need salt. Did you know that your body can shut down if your electrolytes (the salt in your body) are depleted - it causes dehydration. We need salt physically and the Bible compares Christians as "salt". The world needs "salt". We are to be salty. The definition of "salt" is - an ingredient that gives savor. Savor is a distinctive smell or flavor. We as Christians should have that distinctive smell or flavor of Christ's Love. Why did Christ pick "salt" as His comparison? It is because salt makes one thirsty. Our mission, as Christ Followers, is to share the gospel of Christ and when we share in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the Love of Jesus, we will make others thirsty for Christ in their life. Give the world the Word of God and let Holy Spirit convict and save - it is not us that convicts or saves them. The Bible tells us that Christ did not come to condemn the world. He tells us the world is already condemned to hell if they just stay like they are. We are the ones that are suppose to share them how they can have something different - the Love of Christ living inside of them. If Christ did not come to condemn - then why do we, as Christians, condemn? I believe if we could focus on giving them the Truth in the Word of God, then the Truth will be what sets them FREE! (John 8:3-36) Free from their condemnation. The sins in their life that are condemning them to hell. Unfortunately, I believe the reason why we are not seeing others becoming followers of Christ, is because we have lost our savor. Christians have stopped being the salt of the earth and now our world is in a spiritual dehydration. Our country is in a spiritual dehydration. The Word of God is so straightforward in this verse. It tells us, if we have lost our saltiness - we are GOOD FOR NOTHING! Why? Because we have become bland to the World. You know the definition of "bland"? Bland - "lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore becoming uninteresting." Today's Christians are becoming uninteresting to the world. Not because God has giving up on the world. Not because it is closer to his return and it just becomes hard to win others to Christ. It is because "WE" as Christians have become so bland in our walk with Christ that we are uninteresting to the world. They look at us, and they do not see anything in our life that would reflect something they need. It is time we lay aside our weights that so easily hold us back and take up our cross daily and follow Him. Your body can not stay dehydrated for long - you will eventually die. The same is true for our world today. It is time we as Christians hydrate ourselves; we need to gain our saltiness back.  If we do not, our world, our nation, and our families will die of dehydration. Are we being salty Christians? My prayer today is like the one of the late Dot Jackson. She use to say, "I want to be so salty that when someone walks by me they become thirsty." That is what Christ's plan is all about. Others seeing the Light of Jesus in us that it makes them thirsty for Him. 

Today's Prayer:
Lord Jesus, please open up our eyes today of things that do not represent you in our lives. Reveal to us those weights that are causing our light to grow dim. Give us the strength to purge those things in our lives for the sake of the gospel. May we be the salt of the earth. May we become so salty that we see a Revival spread across our land, simply because we gained our savor back. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Todays Daily Reading:
Matthew 5:1-48

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