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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY - Raised Garden Bed for LESS! (Under $30)

Photo: Got my raised garden bed made! Thanks, Priscilla Priscilla and Deborah Clanton and Keith Clark!

Spring is HERE, and where I live, we have been having beautiful weather! I can not help but get the "itch" to go work outside when the weather starts warming up. This year, it will be my first Spring Season of being a new home owner. My husband and I bought our first house, this past fall. Something we are beginning to notice is, when you become a homeowner, you start caring for things you never did before - like yard landscape! Most of all of our neighbors have beautiful yards and as we drive around we get the desire for one too. Crazy how things change when you become a home owner. One thing I have been dying to have is my own garden. I didn't want just any garden - I wanted a raised garden bed. After searching Pinterest for hours and looking at hundreds of designs, I found the one that I fell in love with. There was only one problem - it was way out of my budget. It estimated to cost around $100 or more! Yeah, I didn't have that kind of cash to spend for a raised garden bed. As I was sharing my news with some dear friends, they began to help me find a way to build it for less - much less! {I love how God sends little blessings to us!} My sweet friends are super talented in building things {I am not!} so with their help and their expertise, we built 2 garden beds for around $25 per box!! Yipppeee!!! Yes, I am super excited. Now that we have them both built - I can not wait to grow some veggies!

I know many of my readers love frugal deals as much as I do; so we created a "How to" video to show all of you how to build your own raised garden bed for less. Here are the details and then watch the video by "3 Girls and a Drill" for a tutorial!!

- We built a 3 1/2ft x 5ft raised garden bed
- We got "imperfect" wood from the "Cull" section at our local Home Depot. (Sometimes these pieces of woods are not that imperfect. It may just have a "knot" on it. You literally can buy these pieces of wood for pennies versus dollars for their "perfect" pieces. This helps cut your cost tremendously)
- Here are the items you will need:
* (2) 5ft boards - these are for the length sides
* (2) 3 1/2ft boards - these are for the width size
* (1) 4x4 cut into 4 pieces - we used these for the corners - it is cheaper then buying brackets
* (10) 1x8 pieces for the braces on the outside
*Carpenters angle
*Tape Measure
*Screws (We used 2 different sizes: 3in screws for the thicker places and 1 5/8in for the thinner places)
*A level

Now watch the video and see how to put it together! Let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer them.