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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am in the 20%!

I am participating in "Build Em Up Because We Need Each Other" linked in with some wonderful lady bloggers: Kelly's Korner, Life in the Green House, Blue-Eyed Bride, and Lil Light O'Mine

I heard an astounding statistic the other day. They said around 80% of mothers work outside of the home. They spoke about how it takes a 2 family income now to survive and live. I thought, "Wow! I am in the 20%!" That statistic made me proud, grateful, and honored to think I get to be in the 20%. Only 20% of all women get to do what I do - stay at home with their children! I cannot say it is because we really couldn't use the 2 person income. I cannot say it is because my husband brings enough "bread and butter home" that we can live an extravagant and cushy lifestyle with just him working. All I can say is that my husband and I made a choice when we first married that I would eventually be a stay home mother - NO MATTER WHAT! This was something that was very important to my husband at a very young age. He said he use to dream of making a lot of money when he grew up just so that his mom wouldn't have to go to work! He told me, before we married, that he desired for me to eventually be a stay at home mother and that he would do whatever he had to do, in order for me to stay at home. He is a very hard worker and he has kept his promise! There have been times that we almost had to have that second income. There have been times, I have contemplated going back to work; but each time, he tells me, "I will work 2 jobs so you do not have to work." He never tells me "I can't work" or it is not because he doesn't want me outside of the home. He knows that I have a lot of work to do with taking care of children and the household duties. He says for me to work outside of the home is an added stress. He is always willing to add that extra stress to himself; so that, I will not have to bear it. Thankfully, God has always provided to where we never had to take on that second income. He has always came through and honored our commitment to each other and to our children. Children desire to have their mothers at home - it is the way they are built! I am a firm believer in the mother staying at home when it is at all possible.

I understand there are certain circumstances that require the mother to go work outside of the home - and I do not judge those who do work out side of the home. You who work outside of the home - are hard workers too. I simply do not know how you juggle everything! Staying at home requires a lot of sacrifices.  My children may not get to be on every sports team or do every musical lesson - but they get me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We may not be able to take nice vacations every year - but they get to enjoy dates with mommy 2 days a week - going wherever they choose. We may not have them enrolled in the best private school - but they get me as their teacher every day and they get to enjoy fun field trips all year long! We may not drive 2 of the finest cars - but I get to rock my babies to sleep every day at nap time. We may not enjoy the top 200 channel cable package - but I get to read stories to them through out the day as they crawl into my lap. We may not always eat at the finest restaurants - but I get to cook my family healthy and nutritional meals every night. I may sometimes get tired of hearing "MOM!" all day - but I do not have to worry about them crying FOR mommy through out the day. I know we may do without of some things that most people find as a need - but we have learned to weigh out our needs from our wants. We believe it is worth it!

Sometimes being a stay at home mother gets misconstrued as to what it entails. I would like to tell you some things I do NOT do as a stay at home mom.

I do not...
Always go out in public in sweats, yoga pants, or lounge clothes. (I dress successfully when I go out - because I believe if you look good - you feel good! Yes, even to the grocery store!)
Sleep all day!! (I wished I could just snatch a nap sometimes! {WINK})
Eat chocolate all day (I wish I could eat all that I want and never gain an inch!)
Watch talk shows and soaps all day (There are days I do not even have the time to turn the T.V on!)


I worked outside of the home for many years as a school teacher; and honestly, I LOVED it! I loved my job, I loved working....but right now, this is what my family needs from me. They need all of me. I enjoy the perks that being a stay at home has - like I have freedom through out the week to do what I want. I can enjoy sleeping without an alarm clock to wake me up. I can save our family money by having time to shop with coupons and shop on clearance racks. I can take my time doing housework without a strict time schedule. I can relax if I have had a busy weekend.....and many more perks. However, being a stay at home mother is hard work. I compiled a list of some of my "duties" as a stay at home mother.

I am.......
A Caregiver
A Nurse
A Nutritionist
A Teacher
A Professional Organizer
A Chef
A Chauffeur
A Personal Shopper
A Financial Adviser
A Budget Analyst
A Personal Assistant
A Professional House Keeper
A Professional Researcher
A Homeopathic Counselor
A Marketing Adviser
A Creative Strategist
A Personal Trainer
A Blogger! {SMILES}

Even though, I enjoy being a stay at home mommy to my loving husband and beautiful children, I do have to remember to make "ME" time. My husband is very supportive of watching the children on those nights I need a GNO (Girls Night Out!). Sometimes, I like to stay up late, when the house is quite, and just have downtime. It might be reading, blogging, or just simply "wasting" time! I have always been a classy, girly girl. I love to shop, dress up, put on make-up, fix my hair, and look good. I have really tried not to "let myself go" after I became a stay at home mom. I try to still dress up and look nice, work out and keep in shape, and I keep the house clean. I believe it is important to keep a tidy self and a tidy house for your husband. Men really love it when they come home to a neat house and a HOT wife! {SMILES} It is harder to find the time to do when you are a busy housewife/mommy; but try to make the best of those times when you have those 5 minute pocket intervals each day. I am NOT a morning person, so I am not good about getting up and getting things done before the children are up. But, I do try to keep them busy so that I know where they are and I can still get things accomplished. I home-school and my children are out of the "napping" stage; so it can be extra difficult to make "me" time. One thing, I incorporate on those days I just need a minute- pick-me-up, is "Room Time". I LOVE "Room Time". Room Time now takes the place of nap time. My children have to go to their rooms for 1 hour and entertain themselves. It could be with puzzles, books, barbies, legos, or whatever they choose. They like it and it usually gives me a minute to re-group myself on whatever I need to do. It is usually not ever day, but it is for those days I really need to get some things finished! I also enjoy taking the children out for lunch 1-2 times per week with their Nana! I usually take them out for lunch when I have my grocery store runs or when I need to run my errands around town, and we all get to enjoy Nana time. The children enjoy it, it helps teach them social skills, (by how to act in public and how to NOT act in public - believe me we have experienced both!) and I get to enjoy a Sweet Tea! (It is sometimes the little things in life that make you have a good day!) We also enjoy scheduling "Play Dates". It helps me get my social skills in while they have an extra playmate! Whatever you like to do - be sure to carve out sometime to do it. 

 Being a stay at home wife/mommy: I love it, enjoy it; and I am thankful for it! I'm honored to be apart of the 20% {SMILES}

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