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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Miracle Story

 "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." - Philippians 3:1


A miracle happen for me a couple of years ago that brings back  so many emotions, when I think on it. It was  a joyous occasion because this is the day that God allowed me to bring a baby boy into the world. However, it is also a day when I remember feeling the strongest peace from God that I ever can remember. This day I was induced into labor. Baby Boy was one of the most active babies in the hospital that day. He was always active (and still is - may I add!). It literally felt like he did flips in my stomach. I was always afraid that the umbilical chord would get wrapped around his neck. Everything was going fine and progressing normally. Then the time came to push. I was excited the nurse said he would be here within 5 minutes! So, I made my first push. When I pushed, Baby's heart rate dropped really low. I don't know what number the heart rate went to - I didn't want to look; but the worry in my Doctors face said enough for me. She immediately tried me in another position, but whenever I pushed - he did the same thing - heart rate would bottom out. She decided to do an emergency C-Section. (I still remained calm - I can't believe I remained calm. Because I am a worrier. This, I know, was God's hand on me during this time.) So, She made a few phone calls, but  there was no c-section room available. (I had him in a small hospital; but he decided to be born on a popular day. That hospital delivered over 15 babies that night!) My doctor would no longer allow me to push and she called NIC Unit Doctor into my room. I was in a hospital that did not have an actual  NIC Unit; but God had a NIC Unit Doctor to be there for another patient at the same time I would need him. It was the hand of God at work again. As they began to suction baby boy out, the chord was wrapped around his neck. Whenever I would push it would choke him. I was hanging him in a sense. The doctor quickly delivered him. I remember so vividly, she place him on my stomach, he wasn't moving or breathing. She told me he was just stunned but quickly gave him to the NIC Unit Doctor. I turned my head and watch the Doctor suction my baby and maneuver him. I quietly prayed. I was still calm, but concerned. I simply prayed and asked God to help my baby boy breath. I remembered in that moment a dream I had had a few weeks prior. I remember seeing my baby in his bassinet. I held onto that vision for those eternal seconds and kept praying, "Please God let him breath." He finally took a breath and cried and a heavy sigh of relief went through out the room (by this time I probably had 10 people or so in the delivery room) I looked at my wonderful, God sent, Doctor as she heard him cry out - she had tears in her eyes. I knew then just how close it was. I look back so many times and think that that night could have very easily had a different scenario. But, I am thankful to God he held my hand through it all and he gave me a joyous ending - not one with sorrow. I often hold my baby now and I will think, "Thank you God for giving him to me." I know many women out there might have a different story, but no matter what scenario you have, the God is the same. He can and will hold your hand, bringing you peace through whatever you are experiencing. His hand is always reaching out - it is us that has to grasp on. I do not know how I had such a calm disposition that night, because it is not my character to remain calm. I panic over everything. I can only say it was the hand of God keeping me calm. Because I knew a calm energy from me would help my baby boy more then any worrisome thought. Grasp His hand and hold on tight!

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