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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From Another One's Perspective.....

Here it is for OK Thursdays! {SMILES}

I was reading one of the blogs I follow "Life In The Green House" and she was participating in a Linkin over at "From Mrs. to Mama". You are suppose to get a love one to write a few facts about "YOU". I thought this would be a fun thing to do; so, I texted my husband this morning and asked him to jot down 10-20 things about "ME" just whenever he had a chance for a new blog post I was working on. To my surprise - he took his lunch break to write it and by this afternoon he already had it completed. Yes, I love him very much and he amazes me every day! So, here is HIS outlook on ME! And to make it interesting I added my remarks in red. {SMILES} Enjoy! And hop over to "From Mrs. to Mama" and link your blog in as well.....

My Wife (From My Husbands Point of View)

1.       I call her Zeva from NCIS.  She gets her sayings (idioms) wrong. 
{This is hilariously true! I one time told him to not "jump on the boat wagon" - It is suppose to be "band wagon"}

2.       She usually forgets to order my sandwiches specially ordered with Ketchup only. 
{I do, and I ALWAYS feel bad for forgetting it - I'm terrible!}

3.       She loves chocolate and Dr. Pepper.
{YES, I do!!}

4.       She loves to shop! She loves to shop! She loves to shop! Enough said.
{I am addicted - and I am at peace with that!}

5.       Our family is financially stable not because she works or because I make a lot of money but because she is a financial nerd that is all over the bills and where money goes.

6.       She is addicted to coupons. 

7.       I always beat her at any kind of game we play.  She won’t admit that and will argue this point.
{No, he doesn't, I just allow him to think he wins!}

8.       She loves to spend time with her family no matter who they are: me, the kids, parents, in-laws, cousins, aunts, grandparents, uncles, etc.

9.       She loves to have people over to the house to eat and fellowship.

10.   She is a godly woman that resembles the Proverbs 31 woman.

11.   She has been my biggest influence as far as spiritual matters goes.

12.   She is the best friend you can have.
{Awww...he is so sweet!}

13.   I call her Anne of Green Gables because she has big dreams like she does and high expectations.
{I never noticed how much I am like her until he pointed it out one night - he is right! I share a lot of similarities with Anne of Green Gables! It is true what they say, your spouse knows you better then you know yourself!}

14.   She can be very na├»ve sometimes.
{True: One day in the grocery store I was noticing the price of grapes were going up. He began to explain to me that there was a shortage on grapes. When I asked why, he gave me some reasonable weather answer. I said, "OH, I see.." and then he begans to laugh at me because I believed him! Yes, he does this too me all the time....and I fall for it EVERYTIME! I'm sure I could write a post just on my naive moments!}

15.   She looks like she is 12 and has looked that way past 10 years.  Well maybe she looks 16 
{Unfortunetly, this is very true. After we had our first child, a teenage girl asked my husband if he had 2 daughters - me and my baby!!!! Now that I am getting older though - I do not mind it as much - I actually enjoy it now}

16.   She says she is 5 feet tall.  Don’t believe her she is not an inch over 4’11.”

17.    She loves date nights with me.
{Yes, I do!!!}

18.   She will watch Football and baseball games with me.

19.   Nobody will mess with her kids.  She is protective like an eagle with her young.

20.   She loves to pamper me.