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Monday, May 27, 2013

Healthy Inside and Out!

I am passionate about educating others about how to live and stay healthy. About 8 years ago, I really got serious about learning more about health and wellness; due to the fact that, 10 years ago my dad was diagnosed with a potentially terminally ill disease. He did not want to live his life on medication and pharmaceuticals. His health situation led him to educate himself on how to take care of his body the natural way. God, our Creator, has given us all of the resources we need to live healthy through His world. Our family does a lot of homeopathic and alternative medicines. We try to educate our self before taking medications.  The more I research and learn about what is in our consumable products and food the more it gives me a passion to help educate others! Do you know what a Rendering Plant is? Rendering Plants are used by your most leading cosmetics companies unless otherwise stated on the package. Rendering plants take euthenized animals, "road-kill", dead zoo animals, farm animals, and restaurant grease and boil it at high tempatures. They skim the oils from the top and sell it to cosmetic companies. Meaning, we are getting sick, dead animals in our skin care items! We do not know the effects of this and it could cause major health issues for Americans. Cancer is on the rise. Less than 100 years ago cancer rate was 1 in 1 in 3. A recent study done by Columbia University discovered that 95% of all cancers are caused by Diet and exposure to Toxins! (Click here to take a quiz "Is Your Body Toxic?) The hormones that are in our products are effecting the hormone balances in us and in our children. After learning all of this, I was so excited when I found out about Arbonne. I am excited to team up with Arbonne as an Independent Consultant and spread the word on how to live a healthier life.

Arbonne is a Health and Wellness Company that uses botanically based ingredients and contains NO harmful Chemicals. All of their products are Vegan Certified, PETA approved, Gluten Free and Eco friendly. All of their personal care products are formulated without PABA, Parabens, Animal products or by products, formaldehyde (a preservative), and Petroleum based ingredients (Benzene, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Toulene, and Phthalates) Arbonnes Nutrtion and Weight Loss Products are formulated without artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweetners, animal products or by products, cholestrol, saturated fats or trans fats. They do not use GMO's! (Remember to educate yourself and check your labels on your products)  All of their products are Ph Balanced and Ph Correct. Arbonne is a 30 year old company. Their products are formulated in Switzerland and made in America. They also self regulate. They meet the European Health and Safety Standard, which means, in Europe they have banned over 1200 harmful chemicals and harmful ingredients in their skincare products. The FDA in America has only bannend 10!!   Alot of prestigious companies like Johnson and Johnson and Kraft have to re-formulate their products to meet the European Standards. Arbonne does not have to change one thing to sell in Europe. You can rest assure you are getting of the highest quality.

In America, diseases and illness are growing at rapid speeds - could it be because of what we put on our bodies and what we put into our bodies. The chemicals that we put on our skins absorbs through our skin and into our blood stream in 26 seconds! The chemicals that they put into our products are causing cancers, allergies, skin disorders, autoimmune disorders and many more. (Watch News Report Here: ABC NewsBecause Arbonne is so healthy for you and your skin - you will never have felt so great! You are truly healthy from the inside out! If you have any questions regarding Arbonne please contact me on Facebook.

*Anti-aging Skin Care
*Normal/Dry and Normal/Oily Skin Care
*Clear Advantage Skin Care for Acne Treatment
*Baby Skincare
*Full Cosmetic Line
*Bath and Body Line
*Hair Care
*Detox Teas
*Protein Shakes
*Hormonal Balancing Cream
*Weight Loss Supplements and Program
* and Much More!

After Using the Arbonne RE-9 Anti-aging Skin Care

Here is a list of just a few testimonials on Arbonne:

The RE-9 Body Lotion has helped dry, crack skin, hands, or feet in just a few applications

The Baby SkinCare Line has helped Rosacea and Eczema within just as little as one wash!

The Hormonal Balancing cream has helped infertility, regulate cycles, migraines, stabilize
PMS and Mood Swings

Arbonne's 30 days to Fit System has helped people loose 30 - 60 lbs!

If you have any questions or inquiries please let me know! 

Here is an article about Johnson and Johnson's cancer causing ingredients here in America: