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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stay Focus!


I first just want to say a BIG Thank You for all of those new readers that have stopped by over the weekend. My blog has had over 300 readers just since Friday morning!! Thank you so much for stopping by and I do hope you will be a regular around here at Gracefully Re-Freshed! A huge Thank You to Kelly's Korner Blog for hosting Show Us Your Life every Friday and a Big Thank You to BloggyMoms for hosting the February Blog Hop!

Even though I consider my self to be a little O.C.D (overly compulsive) and I am a little bit of a control freak {Okay....maybe I'm being a little modest....I am a BIG control freak!},  I still struggle to stay on task, since I have become a stay at home mom. I have always kind of gotten distracted but when I worked out side of the home, I knew I only had certain days available to do the things at home. Since I have become a stay at home momma, I tend to use the phrase, "I'll do it tomorrow!". Because I know that I will be home, it is easy for me to just excuse myself until tomorrow if I do not get it accomplished today. This is something that irritates me though. I feel it shows lack of discipline in my life and this year I have made a resolution to myself to become more disciplined in life. That means to stay on track with things in the house and make the best use of my time! I tend to be O.C.D with a little bit of A.D.D wrapped up in it! {SMILES} The other day I asked my husband if he would place the clothes from the washer into the dryer for me - he yells back to me, "They have never been washed!". I had placed a whole load of laundry in the washing machine hours before and got distracted and forgot to even turn them on! LOL! Humorous? Yes! But frustrating non of the less. This being a weakness of mine, I am trying my hardest to get better at staying on task! I tell my children all the time, "Stay focus, Honey!" Then I realized the apple did not fall far from the tree!

Today I had a very productive day! I am very proud of myself and I felt the need to journal it because....well....I may not have many, so I need to be reminded that I CAN DO IT! {SMILES} A few things I have learned that helps me get more accomplished is:

1. Make a Dinner Menu List - for months my husband told me that this would help me, but I am not big on menu planning so I kept putting it off. I made my first Menu for the whole month last month and I LOVED IT! It helped me not to have to worry about dinner because I already knew what I was making and it helped me to stay on task. Some days I wasn't "in the mood" for what I had planned so I would switch days around.  I wasn't so strict that I couldn't wiggle a little; but it certainly helped me stay on track and have dinner finished in a timely manner.

2. I started getting my children involved. My two young children have lots of energy and they love to help. I started making them a chore chart (with age appropriate tasks) to help earn money (They are trying to save their money for Disney World - they have never been) Dave Ramsey says to have your children earn their allowances by doing chores around the house. My children love it - they love marking things off on their chart and being rewarded for it. This helps take a little bit of a load off of me when I am trying to clean the house.

3. Staying determined! I am trying my best to stay determined and to keep focus - like I tell my children!
I do try to remember not to be too hard on myself when I do not stay on task but to be proud of myself when I accomplish my goals!

Are there any other mommas out there that have a hard time staying on task? I would love to hear your helpful tips that has helped you be more disciplined!

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