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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise for Daddy

I love the bright, blue eyed little girl that God gave me! Her little personality is one of determination, energetic, decisive, a giving spirit and a lively imagination. She loves to plan things....escpecially parties! She is definitely going to be in some kind of cordinating career when she gets older. She knows how to organize and throw down orders all at the same time! {LOL} She has already planned and organized 2 parties in her little life time. {SMILES} Her daddies birthday was yesterday and we planned a special dinner for him and this was our conversation about an idea she had:

Little girl: Mommy, we need to give daddy a surprise party. When he gets home, we will all hide and surprise him!! {spoken with sheer excitement as she tells me!}

Me: Okay, honey, that is fine.

Little girl: Okay, Mommy, this is going to be so much fun and it will work because I saw it on Curious George and since this is my idea, I am going to take care of everything. Daddy is going to be so surprised!

Me: okay, Honey. You can do it!

Little girl: Mommy, you and Nana need to wear dresses and dress up. All the girls need to dress up really nice and all the boys {brother and Papa} need to wear nice clothes too.

Then she yells.....

Little Girl: "Come on every body go get ready, Daddy is going to be home soon!!!"

While organizing a party she also managed to wrap her gift for him and get her little brother dressed (which he protested a little about because he was wearing his favorite shirt - which his sister did not approve surprise party worthy!.)

So, as daddy pulled into the drive way we all scurried to our spots and hid while I tried to inconspicuously hide my camera to capture his face!

Dinner was delicious! We cooked him what he wanted: steak, bake potatoes, shrimp, broccoli, and yeast rolls....along with cake (thanks to Nana!)

We all enjoyed it - it may have just been a small, family surprise party; but we all had fun in participating and my husband really enjoyed feeling special for the night!

Don't forget to relax and enjoy life through a child's eyes! It doesn't always have to be pomp and circumstance - sometimes it can be small and sporadic! {I Love the life my little energetic, thoughtful girl brings to our house!}

The Captured Video! {SMILES}