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Saturday, February 2, 2013

"He Got It From Jared's!"


Eleven years ago today, I never could have imagined the results that would stem from the question I answered that night. That question that I did not hesitate to answer, that question that made my heart flutter, that question that made all of my dreams become reality - has brought way more then I could have ever imagined, hoped, or asked for - I am so glad that I said "YES" that night to the question........"Will you marry me?"

Matthew was a very shy boy that didn't ask girls out much; however, he got up enough courage to ask this girl out {ME} and he has been saying "yes" to me ever since! Ha! We dated for 2 and 1/2 years. I, a very dramatic, impatient, imaginative, romantic girl, thought I would never hear him ask "THE" question. Matthew was shy but he was stable. He never did anything that he wasn't 100% sure was the right timing. Matthew is the type that he does not get pressured into things because of his peers or his society tells him too. No, he does things because he knows it is right and he knows when its right - so; sometimes, he moved a slower then I would like (except for getting out the door, he is a time warden when it comes to that and is never running late). I, on the other hand, am a very dramatic dreamer that knows what she wants and has the perseverance and unction to make it happen. When I know something is right - I like to make things happen, NOW. {Did I mention, I can be a bit impatient??} The only thing I seem to drag my feet about is getting up and getting out the door on time!  {Yes, we are very much total opposite in some aspects} We started dating when I was 16 and he was 18. After dating for 6 months, we knew we were the one for each other. We were head over hills in love! We had a few close friends that all started dating around the same time we did and we were all serious and in love. Us girls....well, of course, we had "marriage" on our brain.  Quickly they all started falling one-by-one. Girl #1 was popped the question in November and then girl #2 was popped the question around the same time; but girl #3 {ME}, still no question. You can only imagine my despair; but, Matthew, no he still was not moved. He knew the timing was not right yet. Thanksgiving passed ring and no question. Christmas passed ring and no question. New Years passed by....STILL NO ring and NO question!!!! Ugh.....I was getting a little anxious, but I never spoke my anxiety to him; no, I was a lady. I didn't want him to ask me because I "forced" him into. I would cry out to God and just ask Him to lead us in His timing. Little did I know, Matthew had been planning this event for sometime {Behind the scenes}. He purchased my ring in December!!!!!!!! Finally, he had it all planned out and organized. On February 2; he told me he wanted to take me out for a "surprise" eventful night. So, of course, I thought, "He is going to ask me!!!! EEEEkkkkkk......!!!!!" Well, he was smarter then I gave him credit for....he knew that I would be expecting it and he had a decoy.....A DECOY! {He is a shy, smart, sly one} We pull into a gas station to fill up the car with gas and he says, "I want to give you your surprise now." Me - a hopelessly, romantic dreamer - did NOT want to be proposed to at a GAS STATION! So, I tried to talk him out of it and tell him to wait, but no, he was persistent. He went to the trunk (instantly, I knew it was either a really big ring or not a ring at all) and he pulled out my gift. As I opened it, I was surprised all was NOT a ring! So, as I am disappointed, I tried to make up my mind to enjoy the date any way. He took me to a nice, new restaurant and then we walked around this cute, little, historical town that had old Victorian homes (I LOVE Victorian homes) and then we rode to a park, then to another park, and another.....he just couldn't find the right spot - and I was still clueless. I couldn't figure out why he was being so picky over a park! Finally, he spotted the perfect place. A little park bench in a beautiful botanical garden. He asked me to go sit on the park bench with him. As we were sitting there, he hugged me and I could fill his heart about to pound out of chest! He then got down on one knee and opened up a box. He said, "Will you marry me?" I jumped up and said, "YES!" and then I just hugged {and kissed} him. I didn't even look at the ring until a few minutes later. Ha! I was just so elated that he asked. Then, when I saw it, it was just beautiful. A 1/2 carat round cut diamond ring set in the middle of 3 smaller, round cut diamonds on each side. He said he picked it out all by him self. It was a set that he had made. Later we realized that the set was so unique we had to specially order a customized wedding band. I was just so happy and blessed that he took so much time to carefully plan our proposal. He did good at surprising this overly dramatic,imaginative, romantic girl!

To this day, I still proudly wear that ring, and he is still loving me and surprising me. He may still be a little slower, then I would like, at times; but he is consistent, sure, and steadfast. He still holds my hand proudly in public and he still adores that I am his wife. He is the rock in our family and in my heart.

By the way......He got it from Jared's!!!! {seriously}