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Friday, February 1, 2013


For those of us who have ever owned a pet, we might know a little something about fleas. I have had my share of flea bites - gifts from my cats one year. Getting rid of fleas in your house can be a very costly, time consuming thing! Not to mention - unpleasant. The thing about fleas are they are more of a "pest" then anything. They like to take little bites of you and make you itch like crazy. They are hard to get rid of once they have nested in your home. They are pesty, little annoying creatures. I for one, do not really know the purpose of them being in the world!

I was reading an insert of the Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom. Corrie and her family were in one of the Nazi's concentrations camps during the Holocaust. Her families testimony is AMAZING. One of the stories she was writing about was when they first came into the camp. Corrie was a young believer in Christ. Everything was still new to her and her older sister Betsey was with her and helping her grow in the Lord. When they first cam into the camp they were placed in Barrack #8. That is where they would place the new comers ~ right beside one of the torture barracks. Corrie recalls hearing their screams being unbearable. Corrie and her sister would hide their Bible and when the guards were not looking they would do a Bible study - sometimes it would over flow to the other ladies that were in the barracks with them. They were really uncomfortable and crowded in barrack #8, but they knew that they were soon to be assigned to a permanent barrack soon. They thought it would be a better place then where they were now. The time came for them to move to their permanent barrack, she recalled it being chilly, as fall settled in. As they walked them all to their permanent place, they called Corrie and Betsey's name out at the last barrack. Barrack #28 would be their destination. As they entered into the barrack they realized how filthy and smelly it was. She wrote that the plumbing had leaked out and soaked everything in their barrack - that is what they would now live and sleep in. As they settled down into their small, over crowed, filthy barrack, Corrie screamed out! Something had bit her - it was FLEAS. Their barrack was infested with fleas!!! Corrie was at her wits end and she said "Betsey, what will we do? We can not live in this place. The fleas!!!" Betsey being one of wisdom and love for her Savior, she told Corrie that earlier that morning they had read 1 Thessalonians. The answered lied within that scripture. 1 Thessalonians 5:18, In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God..." Betsey begin to explain things that they could be thankful for and at the end she told Corrie to be thankful for the FLEAS. Corrie exclaimed to her sister that she WOULD NOT be thankful for fleas! Betsey begin to tell her that it would be pleasing to the Lord. With a unwilling heart, but respectful one, Corrie begin to tell God thank you for the fleas. Many weeks passed by and they noticed that no guards ever came by their barracks to check on them. They soon realized that they did not have any need to hide their Bible studies because no guard ever came down their way. The women in their barracks were joining in their Bible studies and Corrie recalls having to have 2 separate Bible studies per night just so everyone could come. One day Betsey came running to Corrie telling her that she found out why the guards never came to their barracks. It was because of the - FLEAS. No guards wanting to be infested with fleas, so they would leave them alone! What Corrie thought was horrible was really God's protection on them.

How many times does God give us {fleas} in our lives - a broken heart from a broken engagement, a job that doesn't meet to our expectations, a dream that was shattered, or something that is a constant "thorn in our flesh". We scream out to God with "WHY" when we really should be praising Him with "THANKS". The fleas in our lives may be saving us from something far worse! I do not know all of God's ways right now; but one day, I will. Until then, I must keep obeying with an obedient heart that remains thankful.

Through out this new year, I am sure we have or will experience some {fleas} in our lives. Remember to be thankful in all things - Gods ways are not our ways - and He loves us with a Father's love. He knows what's best. Did anyone notice the two numbers of Corrie and Betsey's barracks?? The first one was #8 and the second one was #28 ~ Romans 8:28, "And we know that all thing work together for good to them that love God who are called according to His purpose."

That's God's promise to His children - hold to it this year!

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*From the stories of Corrie ten Boom from the book: The Hiding Place.