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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Surprised Date Night!

My husband took our daughter on a date this year for Valentines. It was adorable. He surprised her by ringing the door bell. She had no idea that he was taking her. She is a girly girl, so she got dressed up {but wasn't sure why} and she got ready to go and she discovered he was taking her to her favorite place to eat. She was so surprised and so excited. They had a wonderful time. She came back just talking up a storm about all they did. She got a princess tiara to wear. She got a little booklet. She got a pink flower and they got their picture together. I am glad that my husband saw the importance of scheduling their date night together. He did it on his own. These are the moments that will mold her as she grows older.

Well, since little girl got to go on a date, I schedule a date night with my little, handsome dude. I took him to one of his favorite places to eat.  He loved every minute of it. He ate every bit of his big boy meal and he said he still wanted more. So he got a dessert! Yeah.....he knows how to sucker me! And......I even splurged.......I gave him a quarter for the little toy machines!!!! I mean, we were on a date; so, I had to splurge. Who wants to go on a date with a cheap skate!? So, he got a little bouncy ball - which he loved!!! Obviously, it is the little things that make things important in our children's eyes!!

These moments, I know, will fly by. Pretty soon, he will bring home a girl for me to meet {Which I am NOT looking forward too - he is mommy's boy}. I know that she will introduce her daddy to a boy of her dreams one day {Which I know my husband is NOT ready for either}. But, for now, I will not allow them to grow-up to soon; and I will try to capture all of the little moments that I can, while they are young!