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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Play Room = Happy Imagination!

We recently just bought a new house so as I get each room ready and decorated, I thought I would highlight it on here. I am going to start with the playroom. One of my favorite features of the playroom = all of the natural light it has! Being a mom with 2 small children, I have become a little obsessive about having a play room. {I may or may not look at too many Pottery Barn Kids magazines}. One reason I love having a play room is: the toys stay contained. The second reason: the kids stay contained. Third and final reason: their rooms stay cleaner. I home school as well, so it is important for me to try and give the play room a Kindergarten feel too. I tried to incorporate educational learning into the play room. It is not completely finished yet {we have only been in our new home a few months} but it does have a good start!

I first wanted to have a way to store all of the toys and home school items neatly in the same place but in the place that it couldn't be seen. I chose to use a huge Armoire. It has drawers, shelves and even a hanging rod inside for dress up clothes.

I also needed to set the play room like "centers"; so that it would be multi-functional during the school time. We have the home living {kitchen} area, the table time, puzzle area, imagination area, art area, and the reading corner. {I would love to incorporate a few more pinterest ideas - just haven't quite made it there yet.}

I love a bargain and I love getting great finds at a great price. The playroom has a lot of yard sale and clearance items in it. The Pottery Barn Kitchen is a Craigslist steal. The train table was a FREE hand-me-down. The white cubbies was a yard sale find. The Pottery Barn Chalkboard was a Thrift Store find. And, one of my favorite things......the ABC was a Clearance item at Target!