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Thursday, February 14, 2013

With All Of My Heart

I'm participating in SUYL through Kelly's Korner Blog. This is an older post but it is one of my favorites. We love date nights in our household. We try to do date nights with each other every other week (grandparents make nice babysitters) and we try to take each child out on special dates by themselves the other 2 weeks out of the month. Sometimes we have the funds in our budget to go out for a nice meal; but some days we may just have a few dollars in the budget for a date so we get creative. On the cheap dates, we like to go eat popcorn at Target and just walk around together, or maybe share an ice cream some where locally around town. This post is about how to be creative during special days even if the budget doesn't allow an extravagant meal. Picnics are always FREE and make a nice, romantic date!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Happy Valentines Day!! I have enjoyed my Valentines Day this year. With the romantic side that I have - Valentines Day can be one of my favorite holidays. I got to share Valentines Day with some of my wonderful Valentines.

I started the day by making 2 of my cutest Valentines some heart shape pancakes!!!

Then they got to open their buckets filled with goodies!! (Items from the Target Dollar section - which I LOVE!) Little Girl has had her eye on the Target bag since I brought it home. She knew there was something inside for her. It about killed her to wait until today to find out what it was!! They loved their stuff!  Little boy looked at me and said, "I wanna open more presents!" LOL - he is a mess. Then they instantly tried on their new glasses!!!

Then I got to surprise my Love with a picnic lunch (thanks to a wonderful mom who kept the kids for me). Although, he was not very surprised (he is very hard to surprise - he always "figures" things out). He told me he had a feeling I would surprise him with lunch! One day - I will surprise him though!

I ended the day by taking my mom and dad something little too - a Mcdonalds sweet tea {I mean, who in the south DOESN'T love McD's SWEET tea?!?}. After all, if it wasn't for their love that they demonstrating to me, I would not know how to love others myself. They taught me the gift of thoughtfulness, giving, and love itself.

This Valentines Day we didn't have a lot of money in the budget for gifts so we got creative. We had a very, tiny amount allowed for each other {and the kids} and we still made each other smile. It is not about the amount - it is about the thoughtfulness. You would be surprised, how a small inexpensive gift can make some one feel so special!!! Remember this Valentines that even if you do not have a significant other or children that you can celebrate with - give some thing small to someone dear to your heart - a mother, father, best friend, sister, brother, etc. Valentines day is about {LOVE}- it doesn't have to be romantic love. Just celebrate with someone you love and be sure to tell those you hold dear to your heart how much you love them!!!