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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Made Toothpaste!

All the Stuff you need!

I.Do.Not like going to the dentist....I am not sure why, other then the fact, I am afraid they will tell me something I do not want to hear. {SMILES} The last time I went to the dentist I heard the dreadful words of, "You have a few cavities!" YIKES! I hate cavities. I have not had a cavity sense I was a child. The last few years I have been doing my own research on naturopathic/homeopathic methods that are out there. For the most part, I consider myself someone who is naturopathic/homeopathic. I believe God made us and He made the earth and He created plants and substances out there that can heal our bodies. I do believe in modern medicine, but in moderation and when it is a must. With Pinterest now on the rise, you can virtually find how to make anything and it's benefits. The other day, I was wondering if their was a way to cure your cavities - naturally. So, I did my little magic on Pinterest and VOILA! I found a home made toothpaste that has natural properties that will help remineralize your teeth! By remineralizing your teeth you help the mouth to heal itself!! I know -AH-MAZING, right? I thought, why not? I will try it! My idea is to try it for a few months before I go back to the dentist just to see what last night I whipped up my homemade concoction - here is the recipe I got from Pinterest, she can explain how it works better then me! {SMILES}

The Kid's toothpaste is brown because of the Vanilla Flavoring

I also made one for the kids the other day during school as a project during Dental Week. I did add different flavoring to theirs because my kids do not like the peppermint flavor. So, I added Vanilla extract to theirs (another recipe I found from when I use to teach school). The kids loved it. I do have to say, I do not mind trying new things; but this will take some getting use-to. The homemade toothpaste doesn't taste bad - but it is salty. Their is way to tone down the salt flavor, but I did not have that ingredient that the recipe called for. My husband said, "Wow, it is like brushing your teeth in the ocean!" But, he does tend to exaggerate a bit when it comes to healthy changes! HA!  It also does not lather in your mouth like store bought toothpaste, but I can get use to that. I did notice my teeth feel cleaner. It seems to clean the plaque off of your teeth better then store bought. I also like the refreshing mint feeling that your mouth has after you brush your teeth - the homemade version does not leave that. I add just a little touch of peppermint oil on the back of tongue after brushing and it gives your mouth that Minty Freshness!

I also started trying Peroxide instead of store bought mouthwash (all of the ingredients in the store bought is not that healthy for your body). I have had a great experience with this so far. Again, you have to get us to the taste; but if you add the touch of Peppermint oil on the back of your tongue when you are finished - it takes care of it! The other day, I bit my mouth on the same place - 6 exaggeration! Usually when that happens, I end up with a gigantic ulcer that lasts for a week or two. However, the next day, I realized the sore was completely GONE! Nothing! You couldn't even tell I bit my was the Peroxide. It healed my mouth within 24 hours. Mouth wash will not do that for ya! I have also noticed that I have receding gums and Peroxide is suppose to be great at healing that as well. Did you know that? Your gums can heal themselves too!! It's the bad bugs in our mouth that makes our gums recede so if you kill the bad bugs your gums can replenish themselves.

I will keep you up to date on how this goes for me and my family. I am hoping for great results. My next adventure might be - Oil Pulling.....I am still having to pump myself up for that one - I am afraid it might take a little more will-power! If any of my readers has a great toothpaste recipe I would love to hear about it. I would also like to hear from someone that has tried Oil Pulling as well.